About Viecura

Viecura is passionate about creating innovative medical textile products that improve the quality of care for patients and consumers.

Why we do it

Viecura’s continuous goal is to make a positive net impact in the world. We believe we can do this by producing cost-effective, reusable medical textile products. We believe this goal is our contribution to help democratise healthcare. Viecura believes we can help decrease our industry’s environmental strain through our reusable and innovative medical textile products. We believe this is inspiring healthcare.

What we do

We provide a total product solution, from initial concept design through to the final finished packaged product. We provide our product design and contract manufacturing services to global multinational as well as medium sized companies. We work closely with our customers to provide complete product solutions that deliver enhanced patient care throughout the continuum of care at an affordable cost.

How we do it

Our highly skilled team consists of dedicated industry professionals with extensive global industry experience who genuinely care about our customers and their patients’ needs. We provide our customers with strategic advantages by focusing on key areas.

Patient focussed product solutions

Cost Competitive Manufacturing

Commitment to Quality & Environment

Life Cycle Management

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At Viecura, we offer a range of products and services. We constantly innovate and improve on our existing products to ensure our products remain the best on the market.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Viecura is deeply conscious of our role and obligations in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and we place tremendous value on the well-being and development of all our team members. As part of our ongoing CSR policies, Viecura is certified and audited to the highly regarded SEDEX and BSCI standards demonstrating our commitment to looking after and caring for our most important and valuable assets, the people who are Team Viecura.

Environmental Effort

Viecura Groups manufacturing operations include the use of eco-friendly materials and modern energy-efficient technologies to minimize carbon emissions and waste generation. Viecura’s factory (minus machinery) is completely powered by solar energy.
Viecura has installed our own water treatment plant in the factory, this ensures the water leaving our factory leaves cleaner than how it comes in. Viecura has implemented recycling programmes for both production waste and end-of-life products. Additionally, the company adheres to stringent environmental regulations and continuously seeks innovative solutions to improve sustainability through our product range. Viecura is committed to making reusable products only. Viecura is committed to reducing the manufacturing ecological footprint and serving all our environmentally conscious customers.

Regulatory Affairs

Viecura complies with the following industry standards and certifications in the design, development and manufacturing of all medical products within its facilities.