At Viecura, we are genuinely passionate about creating innovative medical textiles products that improve the quality of care for patients and consumers.

When we develop and design innovative medical textile products, we focus on targeted applications and define unmet medical needs which contribute to improved quality of care and patient outcomes.
At Viecura we have a depth of knowledge and expertise that we believe is truly unique within our industry. We have highly talented, dedicated, and experienced healthcare and medical textile professionals, who all share the vision and desire to provide medical textiles products that actually make a difference.


Innovation without collaboration is never enough. Viecura believes that collaboration is essential for inspiring healthcare, we work in an open and collaborative environment with top industry healthcare professionals, research institutions and academia to ensure we are the first to introduce novel technologies and processes to improve the clinical and economic health of patients and consumers.


With a dedicated team of over 400 team members spread across 3 continents, we see extraordinary possibilities to make a significant contribution to the world. Viecura is committed to accelerating access to high-quality cost-competitive healthcare products, advancing inclusion, diversity & equity, and protecting the environment. As a global leader in producing medical textiles, Viecura has a great opportunity to make a positive impact on clinical and health outcomes.